Sky was clear and it seems we should leave this paradice like place. We really thought about staying one more night in the granping tent if the weather was bad.

Nobu’s special salmon coconut curry. I really want everyone to try it. Yummy!!!

Clouds covering up soon after we left The Flying Fox. Hoped we could make to the next place before it gets too bad.

Stopped to visite a little hut and found some hiker names on the guest book.

Downes Hut

Captain Nobu

Strong low pleasure was coming this afternoon with a storm around it. We were around one third of way then rain started and never stopped through the day. Just paddles.

Water level was high but it was slow going. It seemed we never get there. Suddenly Nobu screamed out loud in the rain then we started singing loud and that was funny and enjoyed. Singing is great!

Finally arrived to Hipango Park. With its large shelter was useful for drenched paddlers like us.

Hipang Park

Sheeps were wandering all over. The campsite was covered with fence around. And I thought it was funny which we stayed in the fence and sheeps walking freely.

Nobu made fire as soon as he found the materials. Bonfire warms our soaked wet body slowly but surely. Love spending time watching fire it makes me feel peace.


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