Not much sun we got the last 2 days. But we could see ray of sunshine coming through the morning mist.

Peaceful quiet morning, sounds of river flow and paddles echoing in the canyons.

Goats everywhere on the way.

We’ve all doing great for the last days. But we saw Jeana&Jordan overturned in rapids and Be&Cosmo looked strange ahead of them.

Be&Cosmo almost survived in the rapid but Jeana&Jordan crushed to them unfortunately.

Oh no!? They sank and still paddling???

We laughed and took pictures even though it was kinda emergency.

We rescued them all together, checked everything. One of Cosmo’s barrels was opened also Jeana’s one sandal was missing but we were all safe!

Well, we were a group of eight separated after this. Rob’s plan is walk or bike after Pipiriki and the rest of them headed to The Flying Fox, further campsite. We wanted to stay Jerusalem, not far from Pipiriki.

Thanks for the company and lots laughs and see you guys soon!

On TA we all have different passes which intersect at some points and apart. Some of them we meet again some not. But we are all on the same trail and that makes us related together.


Hard rain in the late afternoon and through the night. Water drops in the tent sometimes and we use our umbrellas covering our feet and heads. Can’t think this trip without them.

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