Long awaited canoe trip “Whanganui Journey” starts today!

It’s not a tramping trail but it’s categorized to one of 10 Great Walks in New Zealand.

Special curry rice, my favorite! With eggs, we got them two days ago the couple from Taumarunui. Their lovely chooks lay yummy eggs!

Taumarunui Canoe Hiring arrived around 10am. Putting our stuff into barrels and got food barrels back. Loaded up and ready to paddle!

We’re group of eight TAs. Be and Cosmo from London, Jordan from USA, Jeana from Australia, Martin from Germany and Rob from here.


Whanganui River

Whanganui River was used to be key transportation for Locals. Most of the area is became National Park now. Surround by beautiful native forests.

First canoeing together and we were terrible at the beginning, soon our paddls getting synchronized.

I was so excited paddling canoe but then tired. I could rest my legs but upper body is the key here. Which Nobu was enjoying using them.

Most of the time we can relax and just paddle but some points we had to go through rapids. Our canoe rocked a lot, got splashed and wet. I was worried about overturning and got panic in the rapid but soon got used to it. Then enjoyed them well especially when we ride through big rapids.

John Coull Hut Campsite

We got hard rain and finished our dinner in the tent. Weather wasn’t perfect but it was warm and that was nice.


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