Hitch hiking from morning.

Less than 15min a car stoped. This is what we expected here! He gave us a ride and got us a good spot to get a next lift. Remembering nightmare from yesterday then we felt great. Thanks for the ride. Next ride took us all the way to Taumarunui.

They’re born and raised in Taumarunui. Very kind couple who invited us to their place. Huge land with chooks, goats, deers, bulls, cats and 2 emus! Their garden is full of berries and lots vegetables. Peaceful and pretty place, enjoyed couple of teas and feeding animals.

They even gave us veggies and fresh eggs! We can’t count how many times we say thank you on this journey.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot that people here is amazing not only they’re kind, they all are belly skilled of surviving. Self-sufficient for almost every aspects. Each one is special here and that what we want to be.

John calls her name and she is the only one come to us. She is 21 years old no front teeth but lovely.


Finally walked official TA trail to Canoe Hiring for 4,5km.

We started talking to Karen and there was no seat back to Whakahoro where we start canoeing. Instead if we pack now Ron could give us a ride by JET BOAT!

Whanganui Jorney

Ron explained where to look for the signs, best place canoeing should be. Also got us spin!!! That was fun.

Jet boat

Thank you Ron&Karen we think we had rides of all transportations you guys have.

Salmon for dinner!


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