Taumarunui Canoe Hiring gave us a lift to town. We’ve been getting free rides so many time. Thank you!


I love cream and this bakery in Taumarunui is good. Orange man recommended and we had this in the second time. Not too sweet cream and apple sauce with pie sheet was a great combo!

Free wifi in town center with some snacks we work on our blog.

Lunch was fish&chips. Town=food!

Golden Kiwi Takeaways

Maybe the best in town like google reviews say but nothing special compare to others.

A lady came to us asking direction to Taupo. We looked up on google map and told her how to get there. After a moment Nobu started saying maybe we could get a ride to Taupo. And he asked them so we got a ride!

Lake Taupo/crater lake born in AD 181 with enormous eruption. Biggest lake in New Zealand.

Many volcanic activities around lake makes hot springs and geothermal power station.

City of Taupo is full of tourist by the sea like Taupo Lake.

Hopping some fishing shops and Nobu got a new fishing rod! And I got new very lite Billiken sandals. We’re both quite happy!

Started hitching around 7pm but it was the first time waited so long, long enough thinking to give up.

After an hour finally 2 nice guys stoped for us.

Atilda & Peter from Hungary thanks a lot!

They drove us to Turangi which is almost half way.  We tried to hitch unfortunately we couldn’t get any. After a while we decided to stay a night here. I was worried if there was any place we could sleep this late. Fortunately owner of Tongariro River Motel gave us a bank room. Thank goodness we were able to sleep in beds.

Wander hikers continue our way!


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