DAY49(12/24) 42 Traverse to Ketetahi Hut 1123km-1153km

Rain started last evening and kept on this morning. It’s been a while the last time we had breakfast in the tent.

Tortilla! We saw other TAs having it for lunch. It’s actually good and easy.

Where we stayed was just before Waione Cokers Track. It’s also bicycle/bike trail but vegetation is over grown and wet branches hanging over the trail. I suppose no one bikes here anymore.
I was using my umbrella avoiding wet branches got soaked wet. Should have worn the rain Cape from the start.

Raining, wet branches and wading rivers, no way to avoid getting wet.

Wet wet Waione Cokers Track

We headed to Tongariro National Park next.

Thousands of trails in New Zealand and there are some well maintained trails called Great Walk. Official TA trail is walking on Tongariro Alpine Crossing but we chose Tongariro Northern Circuit which is one of Great Walks.

Treating water.

Great Walk! Totally different normal TA trail but after nice forestry trail was all foggy no views. Still many day hikers were walking.

Ketetahi Hut (Shelter)

Isha showed up suddenly in the hut with steam coming out from her body.
She always appear whenever we didn’t expect her showing up!

6 TAs stayed the night together. Sinatra&Hana, Sunshine from US, Silvio from Germany, Isha from Belgium and us.
We expected clear weather the next morning and went sleep.

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