We got a ride by Canoe hire loaded food supplies and bounce box with us.

Safety meeting with other participants except us they start canoeing today. Our schedule is on January 1st. It’s gonna be hard to remember all tips and so on.
We put our food in three barrels and one for stuff from bounce box shortly afterwards .

Ron explained started from how to steer canoe to cautious points and tips.

Ron & Karen

Taumaruni Canoe Hire & Jetboat is family based business very homey place. Karen started taking order of our drinks and served homemade toasts. Stayed there 3 hours blogging and had our lunch as well. You can also camp in their place for free since you have a contract with them.

This place is on TA trail from this season. We headed out to reach Owhango where 42nd Traverse starts.

Nobu was slow because of his backpack weigh over 17kg full of food and that was the heaviest on this trip so fur.

Just entrance of 42nd Traverse is a nice camping spot by beautiful river. Six TAs camped here.

Nobu went for fishing but he broke the rod again. Need to get a new one before getting to South Island!

Yummy mashed potato and layered dip with rice cracker.


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