DAY40(12/15) Wild Camp to YHA Waitomo 876km-898km

It was cold in the mountain rather than chilly. Down jacket was needed.

We ran out of gas but we have reserve. Esbit is the one!
I was wondering how he do with stand. Nobu used pegs to create the stand for pan. “Genius!” I shouted in woods.

Camp Tomato Risotto

There were 2 sheeps looking at me from hilltop, lovely I thought. So I said good morning! Then they turned and started running away from us so fast. I only imagined they moved slow but they are agile!

Waitomo is famous for caving and glow warm. It’s a very touristic place. The entrance of the village was full of tourist! So different from where we walked~
We had no interests of These stuff so we headed to YHA.

This YHA is in a farmland. I believe their farm with horses, pigs, goats, sheeps and chickens! Do the laundry and hot shower. So good with clean clothes on clean body!

No food and no gas left for us so we went to general shop to eat! Nobu had fish&wedges and I had hamburger with chips. Good food with big portions!


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