We orders breakfast it was prepared in the fridge so the hikers leave whenever they want.

It says  Hakarimata Walkway 12km takes 7 hours. Thought it’s a long way to go but we did it in 3.5h! We’re slow walkers but we can do it better in forest I suppose.

Hakarimata Walkway. Only both sides there’re stairs.

View Point / Waikato River

It started raining when we were out of mountain luckily.

Nice shop on the street.

Lunch/ Rice cracker with dips were yummy~

Trail goes on Escalade by the Waikato River all the way to Hamilton. Shower became real rain so we hitched.

Car stopped for us. 2 guys played music loud and except destination we weren’t asked any questions and that was new. Thanks for the lift and good music!

Dumplings and huge salad was the dinner!

Can’t resist food whenever we’re in town.


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