No rain no shower for a while but our shelter gets wet everyday by condensation. To reduce weight Nobu flys water away in the morning.

Through bushes and black vines one’s for TA hikers always hard to walk. Not only wild track but need to concentrate finding markers which are usually orange triangles. Until here was all well maintained in Hunua Range but at last there is TA special!

Walking on river bank was tiresome at some point. But when wind blew felt good.

At Hunua Range in the past 3 days we ran into them 4 times. They’re French couple came here with Working Holiday Program a week ago. And doing some hikes before heading to Nelson for fruits picking. We might see them again there with resupply.

Finally got to Mercer a small town close to State Highway 1. Where we found a little cheese shop! Looked at each other just smiles.

Bought small potion of Walnut & Gouda cheese!

Podge’s Place is a pub motel & pub. If you’re TA hiker you can pitch your tent for free. Looking at guest book we found all the hikers we know.

Locals were drinking and asked us to join. That was the first word they said to us. Cold beer was nice at the end of another hot day!

Mix Pizza, everything is on!

Happy locals and Rene from Swiss is TA hiker. Thanks for wonderful evening!


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