Good morning. Another clear day was started!

Breakfast/Garlic batter fried rice with soup

Baby hedgehogs were wandering around on the roadside. Nowhere to find their mom around thought she had been killed on the road somewhere.

Put them together and covered with leaves. When we left them we found their flat mother on the road…no hope for them.

Few kilometers beforePuhoi we chose a road walk instead forest to have lunch at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Shop. Food is what we’re after on TA! Ordered big breakfast plate and got some creamy blue cheese from the shop. Everything was tasty then we got another blue cheese for later.

TA hikers getting ready for the river crossing before Auckland.

Puhoi is beautiful town with a historical pub and a nice dairy.

Last section of menu was Kayaking for 7km down on Puhoi River. Waited until 6pm for high tide. Then we started our first tandem!
It was a nice ride going down. But after the mid point wind was totally against us and getting worse and worse. We followed the instructions which stay on right side of river then when we found the goal we decided go beeline! The wind, the waves splashed all over, soaked wet totally spent our upper half. Wow that was fun!

These pics we took for beginning which we glad to have. No way on the later half.

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