Main fabric is cuben fiber which I was admire to.

On the Northern Yatsugatake trip I found that Britz 28 wasn’t fit my body well. This made me to try building one by my self. It’s been my desire to make my own backpack for a while but I thought I wasn’t capable of.

Finaly getting used to with machine.

Base design came from Murmur by Gossamer Gear which I used past 5 years, about 230g, one of the lightest UL Backpack. Thought it wasn’t last for long but worked fine and still in good shape.


Standerd UL design

Complex feeling when I finished because I’ve done so many mistakes and that made me start over. But I needed test it out a bit and find out more.


Tiny acorns

Joined the group who were going to Mt. Iwadono for day hike. But we found out when we arrived that the trail was closed doe to some damage by previous  Tyhoon. Fortunately there’re some mountains around which is ranked the 100 best mountains so we went Mt.Takagawa.


Looking out for Mt.Iwadono


Wrong way but Fun!

It was a harder climb than we expected.


A group pic on the peak. Very hot day in October

the connection between shoulder harness and main body was half ripped after a day hike…fixing is easy. But if I think about 5 months jurney I’ve got to make a new one!


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