Keeping the main design and a little miner changes adding pockets on shoulder harness. Putting reinforcements where needed.


This time with Black Cuben

Day 1 Shoulder harness with pockets & waist belt & front/side pockets

Day 2 Main body then building them up

its always fun creating stuff and while making more and more ideas come up  that acrtually make me try another one but well I don’t think I have enough time.


Weather was clear and good for test it out

The third day, everything was finished and wanted to go out with new one. But raining hard so another craft day!


Six Moon Design, Deshutes Tarp Plus was good enough on Nortern Yatugatake trip but a little too small if we stay in long for the rainy day. It designed for one people of course. So I had an idea to maximize space by adding a little Tarp and worked well!

Attaching front flips to Micro Tarp 


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