Beach walking again and we got a lot of clams and snails. We learned how to find the one in the sand too. And eat snails on the way to reduce weight. We have everything we need in our backpack!

Butter, garlic and soy sauce can’t make it bad.

After some resupply in Waipu, hitched to skip the road section considering Nobu’s leg. Stevan who gave us a lift used to do hitch a car all the time until quite recently. The tip was putting palms together! Then even a cop can give you a lift. We’ll try it next time.
Thanks Stevan!

Stevan from Costa Rica moved to NZ 17 years ago.

Peter and Simane met on the way treating wonderful garden. Simane invited a Japanese girl last season for a tea.

We stayed at Dragonspell. Which was rehab place years ago. And now owner and residence are welcoming long walkers to stay with Koha(donation). Absolutely cool place and nice people.

Flying Fox, View Point Tower, Nice Lounge. Sometimes hikers stay more than weeks.
Thanks a lot Karly & Johnny!

Off grid life like this, we can learn a lot from.

Kitchen, toilet, shower and more than 9 beds also plenty space for tents.



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