Mame-can stove is the newest alcohol stove I have made and it was used in Northern Yatsugatake. We’ll use a gas stove on Te Araroa so it stays home this time. It’s got a simple structure and efficient use.

Mame-can stove, windshield, alcohol bottle

Can itself is what was sold at 200 yen in DIY store Cainz. Capacity 20ml, personally I want it 30~40ml but the can is cute and I liked it. Also wanted to make holding wind screen for this.


Whole stuff

The stand is made of titanium foil and a stainless steel wire were bought at Tokyu Hands. Titanium foil is relatively easy to process, holding the edges to stiffen and for reinforcement. Windshield is just a simple thing with aluminum foil.

The contents of the Mame-can stove


The core part is carbon felt formed with stainless wire, the carbon felt makes alcohol stove structure very simple and efficient.

In Northern Yatsugatake I made the most of food with this one. It’s got not much thermal power than BC stove one I mede before, but its got very universal useage and cooking rice especialy.

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