This is the long-awaited pizza party. Rocked by more than 30 participants.


Farm activities had stopped because of earth oven project. We did little field work also mowing the courtyard where we have party.


The Earth Oven has been produced under the roof, but it was necessary to move in the courtyard. 10 man power was required since it weigh estimate 300kg. Though there were only 8 guys so go some help with girls. Transportation was much harder than I though we barely brought it to the courtyard but couldn’t put it on the base too heavy….we managed after some rest though.



While men was carrying the oven, the girls who were asked to do the preparation, heating up the oven is also needed.


Original Pizza

Participants were asked to create their own pizza at least one also bake by themselves. No one had the experience of baking pizza with fire but using metal net made everyone the pizza master!


Earth oven project of four months end here. Because it took long time, some of us moved out and some of us were not available on this day also the neighbors who stopped to talk with us while we were working on the oven, please come join us for the next Pizza Party!

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