Raw materials for plastering is slaked lime, hemp and seaweed glue. Adhesion for brick or tile, often used such as a top coat for outer wall. Given some waterproofing to soil-based wall, used as protective material for castles and temples from ancient times, even topcoat for inner wall.


5. Finish Coat 2/2 (plaster and sand 2: 1)

Well kneaded mix, adding water to plaster then sand. Sand is the reinforcement in the aggregate, we are also painting the pedestal at the same time.


Preparation of Dough

Preparing 3 types of dough to compare.




Although it is the test, to bake a delicious pizza requires a heat of about 500°C, heating up with 1 hour burning firewood is essential.



Final Coat

We subjected the charcoal plaster as a final coat. Crush charcoal for the color adding them to plaster made the final coat gray. And the work was done spending over two months. Next is long-awaited pizza party!

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