What is Permaculture?

It coined word matching “Permanent” and “Agriculture”. “It’s a system that combines the animals and perennial plants for human consumption, and it is always evolving” is defined as. Through more than 30 years since it was proposed, in the recently interpreted to mean, “Permanent Culture”.



1. Heat-Resistant Coat (Asahi-caster and sand 1:1)

Finally enter the dome formation. First cut the 2 semicircular inner diameter with wood panel, form a hemisphere filled with sand, put wet newspaper thereon. The newspaper prevent from adhering the sand on the inner dorm. Mixed refractory cement and sand 1:1, uniformly spread them on the newspaper.


2. Cobb Coat (clay, sand, straw 1: 1: 1)

The second layer, kneading clay and adding sand and straw with some water, make bolls out of them then put them on the first layer (ball-shaped mad to form them Uniformly).


3. Insulation Coat (straw and clay 4:1)
We were accustomed playing with soil by now.


4. Finish coat 1/2 (clay and sand 2:1)

Clay layer to level the surface prior to plaster the final layer, those sand used was that formed the inner room. So far this time, next painting the base and the finish coat2/2, and scheduled to test baked.

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