What is Earth Oven?

Origin of the current stone oven is earth oven. Putting fire in the ground hole by digging the earth, heating, steaming, smoking, seen in many parts of the world from ancient times for cooking. The one we have made is the earthen furnace to cook taking advantage of the power of the earth above ground.

One of the farm members hand me the book “design of the new way of life starting from the Urban Permaculture city” by Kai Sawyer where I was hooked by the earth oven. This blog is about how we made Earth Oven with mainly farm members and residences from our share house in 2016.

A new way of life of the design starting from Urban Permaculture city – Sawyer sea


No nails

Without relying on the nails, shaping the parts and fit them together.




Fresh and delicious food was provided from other farm member.



The base is complete!

4 times in 2 weeks of timber work has done.

Please look forward to the next one, we will fight hard with the soil.

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