Our earth oven is a five-layered, refractory bricks was brought to the floor and the arch. The first layer is the heat-resistant coat, the second layer is Cobb coat, the third layer is the thermal insulation coat, and the finish coats of the fourth and the fifth. A description of each layer are explained each time. This time we will make the base of the oven. Material in the original plan will use the chaff and clay 4:1, but chaff was hard to get and replaced by straw.



First, type up the foundation. Cut and fixed with wood board, enclose around with plastic net, putting some wood pieces, this is to reduce the sinking of bricks later! chopping the straw at the same time.



It is what stomach becomes empty when you work, toast with everyone in preparation for the large work it the afternoon. Thank you for the delicious lunch with our fresh vegetables!


Foundation (Straw and Clay 4:1)

We got hemp containing clay from Saitama. Knead it for a while with feet then add straw and water. Lunch with some alcohol made us fly high, then push them into the mold.



 Mix well refractory cement with sand, remove the wood pieces then putting mixed cement. The empty spaces are filled with cement and that becomes pillar for heavy bricks. Spread out soaked bricks on the cement floor.



Using the wedge and semicircular wood panel to create the arch with bricks, stuffed with cement into the gaps. This three days of work ends here. From the next time we will form the dome.

This is the previous work  EARTH OVEN # 1

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