Shirakoma Wetland

Today is the last day, the pass we chose was the shortest route to reach green pond entrance where we started. Course time is about 2 hours, pretty gentle route except for the second half of the steep down hills. Trail running is a great, just run in the forest whenever we feel like to run. Raising the heartbeat and rapid breathing makes our senses get sharpened. Reminds me of the beginning part of “GO WILD free your body and mind from the afflictions of civilization” by John J. Ratey and Richard Manning.

 There is hot spring near the mountain entrance called Inagonoyu hot spring inn, place to exit the sweat of the journey.

Since this trip was also serves as a gear test, try to write a little bit about the gear that was used in this time.


The base layer is fine track skin mesh, Uniqlo fiber Polo / parka, H&M swim pants, Montbell UL stretch wind parka / Cliff lite pants / crushable ambrero (hut) / inner-down (13-year) / merino wool MW up and down, Sea to Summit Ultra light silicon Cape.

This time the effect of finetrack’s skin mesh was remarkable. I didn’t feel wet much and my back got dry up whenever putting down the backpack. Kei is getting one too.



In order to focus on food while walking on Te Araroa in NZ I got a new flying pan from Evernew (Japanese outdoor brand) instead of using light weight titanium pod. This pan made of aluminum and that is needed for cooking, its deep enough to use as a normal pan too. Just enough for 2 person! I brought 3 types of fuel alcohol, esbit and solid fuel. Each one works great but we decided to get the new gas stove from SOTO (also Japanese outdoor brand)’s wind master, because we love food so much and using fuel a lot, the gas is more efficient.


Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus Tarp 450g


Tent is Deschutes Plus Tarp by Six Moon Designs, we got this aiming for NZ. It basically for one person having enough space for even two people. Got bag net at bottom hem of the shelter and we hope to keep sandflies away from us. Lightweight and compact with sufficient space. First time using tyvek as a grand sheet, it seems like to weak with ragged ground but I found that we used soft tyvek but they say hard one last for months, so need to get one from OMM. Sleeping back for Kei is Montbell # 5, mine is Montbell Down Multi-blanket, this can be just blanket as well as sleeping bag having same down power as Montbell # 5 with less space. One Escape Lite Bivvy from SOL for emergency and extra heat for us, didn’t used this time.


Solar Puff / Uniflame FD Silicone Spoon

Extra  Two goods recommended can be used in the dairy life and in the mountains

Solar Lantern / Use sun for charge, bright and compact with reasonable price. sun.Warm color is recommended.

Uniflame FD silicon spoon / This is perfect to eat clean. We use it everyday.


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