“Let’s go for gear-check before NZ!” said Nobu. We went 4 days trip to Northern Yatsugatake.

LEFT (Nobu):Black Diamond Blitz Pack(28L)+MYOG Pockets /RIGHT(Kei):THE NORTH FACE FP HYBRID 30/Walking with this for Te Araroa 3,000km in NZ

DAY1 Sep. 7   Cloudy then Rain

Route on the first day is Midori-ike Entrance → Nakayama Pass → Takami Ishibai Hut→ Shirakoma Pond.

Calculating the course time written on the map takes 5 hours and half…its a very long way I thought, but pretty natural since we chose to walk for a while to test our physical strength as well as our gear. Lol


8:00am Started at Midori-ike Entrance

When I started walking, I was overwhelmed by the quietness of the forest and the beauty of the trees and the time had gone away somewhere. While climbing, not much conversation with Nobu, and there is only my breathing in the tranquility of the forest.

As I was climbing, I have just looked at the feet and my consciousness was not suitable for the scenery, so time to time I stopped and looked around well and feel breathing deeply while feeling the moment, it is mysterious that the power to walk again will come up.

It is said that we can drink the water from the little creek on the way, so we secured camping water. Drinking water directly from the river makes me feel excited somehow, but to say that mellowness! Hmm, it was good!

The clouds gradually became suspicious and it began to rain.

Continuing with an umbrella.

The wind gets blown when it comes to Nakayama Pass, and since it is in the clouds, the area is completely white. The rain gradually began to fall stronger. Past 3 days were raining and roads all filled with water and muddy. I was trying to avoid puddles so that the shoes would not get wet, they fell in the midst of the end, and the shoes were soaked.

As if typhoon like rain and wind, arrived at Takaishimi hut. Attracted to the specialty fried bread when we were 30 min away for the today’s goal, so we kept going. 

Arrived at the destination’s Shirakoma pond at 13:00.


Put the tent in the rain and secure the place of the day. I am truly appreciative to have shelter!

On the way, I missed the timing to wear rain cape, so I got soaked and my body got cold. I put on all the things I could wear but it took me a while to get warm again. I truly don’t want that coldness again.


I thought that wet clothes could get dried while wearing, but I could not bear the cold. 

In the vicious circle the words of Nobu saying “It is best to avoid getting wet” stained my heart.

We found water leak from the seam from the top and the string that pulled the tent loosened with strong wind …

Thanks to the rain there were lots of awareness and learning. 

Well, the attention of Nobu on walking on TE ARAROA is meals! Speaking of the people walking long trails tends to be biased to instant foods and junk foods that can be carry and cook easily. It can not be called healthy.

Eat to walk and walk to eat! We’re going to eat delicious food during the trip said Nobu.

I can not imagine that we are on the trail, isn’t it more luxurious than a usual meal? Such a delicious meal like that!

Cheese pasta on the first day of the dinner is tomato sauce and Pasutosarami


Nobu makes really delicious meals~

Since the New Zealand rain is often the case, it can be considered for improvement and rain measures thanks to this rain.


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