DAY3  SEP 9 (Saturday) Sunny

Wake up in the middle of the night. Couldn’t feel my feet even though wearing those wool socks…Nobu told me to take off down jacket and wrap up feet with it and it felt goood.In fact my upper body was too warm to wear but my feet.

This morning also wake up around five o’clock.

Cold and not feel like leaving the sleeping bag, looking at the sky from the tent to wait patiently for the sun to rise.


A quiet morning not one sounds.

Come hear in quiet world only the sound of my own breathing, feeling the mind calming yourself – and tranquility world within, listen to the sound of my own breathing, Oh at beyond my consciousness, breathing is repeated, heart pounding, blood travels through the body, thus that I’m alive – and I’m also alive today I felt a miracle.

(I and google worked together but this was as fur as we could collaborate.)

Long-awaited the sun is out around 6 o’clock, breakfast time – while wrapped in morning of gentle sunshine

Breakfast is a special rice bowl with Koya tofu and egg!

Since the climax of the journey was over, the morning is slow and leisurely.

Reading e-book, Konomi Kikuchi’s “Beautiful Life” who lives in Patagonia.

Gecko who came out unexpectedly from our backpack.


Prepare the body with Yoga!

In order to keep walking we need to prepare our body, carrying heavy backpack and walking long distant makes your body stiff and leaving pain. You can Yoga anywhere anytime. It feels good in the sun with fresh air.

Our experience of Yoga for two years keeps up in New Zealand as well-

Rout of today Futago ponds → Ame pond → Mugikusa pass → Shirakoma pond.

Although toward back to Shirakoma pond, return is much gentle route. When I think about steep climb yesterday, a significant margin was born in feelings.

Also start walk with delicious pond filled in our water bottles!



Since the downlink come fairly burden on the knee, lightly run!


It was hard to imagine a run through the mountain, much more fun than I had thought and pleasant feeling that runs off the wind. Then, it sharpened my sense that were half asleep, feeling that awakening was great.

Nobu jumping over the root with ease, I was overwhelmed in his physical ability, keep running with high speed. I’m sure the old days he would’ve been the hunter running in the woods~Lol

There are really a variety of moss in the forest, lovely!

Arrival in Ame pond ~

Well, I was pondering about shoes towards the New Zealand journey!

I had to consider, such as whether to buy the mountain boots or Gore-Tex shoes. Nobu told me even in hiking boots got wet on Te Araroa from reading tramper’s blog. If it gets wet anyway then light weight and easy to dry shoes would be the one to bring. Eventually I decided to go with trail-running shoes of NIKE FREE RUN that I had.

There can often be to cross in the sea and rivers on Te ARAROA , and rain much,I plan to bring the TEVA HURRICANE XLT in addition to the shoes. The sandals have a firm belt, and able to put it wearing socks, I like  it easy-to-use.

Rain of the first day in this trip got my shoes drenched! But I could dry up with paper and towels so it was alright for the next day.

Nobu is going with Keen sandals. I never see people climbing mountain with sandals other than Nobu! Lol

Kei:NIKE FREE RUN /Nobu:KEEN Clearwater CNX

After Ame pond, boardwalk with easy routes have been developed.

By the time 14:00 arrival in Shirakoma pond.

There were many tourists and bus tours because it was Saturday! Shirakoma pond can be accessed by car,  easily enjoy the forest of moss.

firing up with alcohol.

Nobu’s original stove and holding stand.

The last supper was Taco on the rice. Best meal of this trip!



CA VA缶(サバ缶) 残り少ない燃料で少し温めて、チーズと一緒に。

Night picnic after dinner.

In the dark, hanging a lantern on a wooden stick made me feel like I was one of the characters in the story. It was completely different forest than when I walked in the morning, overwhelmed..



It was a day full of gratitude and a lot of awareness and excitement from morning to sleep. Full stomach also my mind. Only not quite noticed Being commonplace of daily life, if you see the daily life with other perspectives ,I thought its full of gratitude and excitement.

I fell asleep not saying goodnight.

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