DAY2 May 8 (Friday) Cloudy then sunny

5 am, wake up by the morning brightness.

Because of the rain we stuck it the tent and went to sleep at 7:00pm. The midnight, condensed water drop fell to my face, also the rain and the wind woke me up some times. The body was stiff from yesterday’s fatigue and muscle pain!

Overcast sky and I missed sunshine.

6:50am breakfast

On the morning of the second day, egg on the instant rice and kiwi


Stroll around the Shirakoma-ike before breakfast.

You can walk round on the nice wooden pass. Here have been chosen to the forest of valuable moss of Japan, made observation tours of moss are also held regularly.

largest natural lake of Japan at the altitude over 2100m

As if the forest of moss is pleased yesterday’s rain, it shines even more lush properly. Fallen trees is completely covered with moss and new tree showing their face, in the forest of moss that was born over the years, life of small living is overflowing, was symbiotic. Quiet and friendly space in harmony.

Say hawk Polytrichum juniperinum

It is home to 485 kinds of moss.

When you exit the forest wrapped in sunshine, in the warmth and energy, the hand is extended naturally ~ Thanks sun’s. The beginning of a nice morning.


Day 2   The route, Shirakoma-ike → Mugikusa-pass → Oishi-pass → Chausu-yama → Shimakare-yama → Ameike pass → Shimakare Hut → Kita Yokodake Hutte → Kitayoko-dake → turtle pond → Futagoike.

Course time is about 7 hours. It looks to be a long day.

8:50am departure

Inner garden of Shirakoma

As we walk the sun is in the mist

Such a rocky road continues for a long period of time.


The hardest point of the second day was Mt.Chausu. Physical fatigue from yesterday and its steepness…Nobu kept climbing ahead while I was walking step by step slowly catching my breath.

Negative thoughts going around my head…why am I doing this…

The floated thought suddenly pop up that those delicious meal is waiting after this! So I could walk more and felt the effect of the strategy that tries to eat those delicious food. This way I can do it in New Zealand! Lol

It’s important to have fun –

From around which has passed through the Mt.Shimakare, blue sky and sun came out.




When I look up there’s fantastic space. Sunshine filtering through foliage and sparkling, as if they were blessing the hard work of climbing!


Shimakare hut   Around here are board walk in place, close to there is also a ropeway, point to enjoy the easy mountain. Saw some family with small kids.



Speaking happiness while walking, to encounter the beautiful scenery, of course, the moment the destination is in site! What I felt precisely because walked. And it is filled with satisfaction and extremely large sense of accomplishment. Walking force is precisely from this experience!

Arrived safely at Futago ponds around 15:00 (female pond side).

Campsite around this pond.

Place the luggage by the female pond, carrying bottles headed to the hut for check-in.

Futagoike hut  Tent Night 800 yen / per person

Futago ponds consists of female and male pond, Male one is drinkable, it’s very rare case in Japan.

Because of the pollution prevention of male pond, other than the bottle and the camera to carrying near the water is Prohibited!

It is spring water, possible to drink it directly. Still pounding even say so!

Body is pleased by its taste!

Back to the campsite and placing our tent. Beautiful location where the pond is spread in front and surrounded by trees!

To hang wet clothes and wet sleeping bag feeling refreshed –

Recently rare to find the place where where you can do bornfire, and here is Okay, collecting the trees and branches.

And, – skinny dipping in the pond, this person a real wild child! Lol the best!

I was invited but couldn’t do with its cold water.



Dinner of this day Bagna cauda over the sauce dip! Dipping rye bread with canned oysters and octopus. And finally to the soup by adding a Pasutosarami and water to extra source. – the cold body warms up (We forgot to take photo)

Fantastic! bonfire of smoke flows through the surface of the water

Recent rain soaked all the woods we could find…though we manage to make a fire with what we had. Bonfire is the best!


The night sky was beautiful and seeing the shooting star made me very happy.

Went to sleep around 20:00. It was good to walk hard.


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