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“Looking for Sustainable Living” A documentary film about Permaculture

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More climate changes bringing more disasters around the world, depletion of resources. We need to act now. The hope is the one we have to pass to our children. Permaculture is the one of the way and you’re the key to the future. Let’s bring everyone to the Permaculture world!


My name is Kei. We moved to Okayama, my husband’s hometown, from Tokyo January 2019. Living in a selfbuild tiny hut. 

No power line but solar panels, firewood + homemade charcoals for cooking and heating, filtering rainwater for drink.We grow vegetables and herbs in our garden with chickens. 

Why do we live like this?

My husband Nobu was not interested in the sustainable living which I was dreaming. So I asked him to join the tour led by Kai Sawyer(activist/Tokyo Urban Permaculture). Showing permaculture world around West Coast in the US and seeing  practicioner along. I was the one wanted to go but I was in New Zealand and he was in the US. I was hoping it might change him.

Bullocks Permaculture Homestead

Nobu was changed man after the tour. The world designed by Permaculture and the people living with it. They’re trying to change this consumption society into sustainable world. Their movements , their thought change the people and eventually resilience the earth. 

Joined the intersection painting at Portland.
Planet Repair

The participants on “Life Changing Permaculture Tour 2018” led by Kai Sawyer.

Nobu came back with hope that he could be one of them to change the world, to be a hero. So we moved to countryside from Tokyo to create a paradise like Bullocks in January 2019.

Geodesic dome Greenhouse / Bath /Sauna with charcoal kiln(not completed)

▶︎What is permaculture?

Popularly seen as a ‘cool’ form of organic gardening, permaculture could be better described as a design system for resilient living and land use based on universal ethics and ecological design principles. Although the primary focus of permaculture has been the redesign of gardening, farming, animal husbandry and forestry, the same ethics and principles apply to design of buildings, tools and technology. Applying permaculture ethics and principles in our gardens and homes inevitably leads us towards redesigning our ways of living so as to be more in tune with local surpluses and limits.

Permaculture is also a global movement of individuals, groups and networks working to create the world we want, by providing for our needs and organising our lives in harmony with nature. The movement is active in the most privileged and the most destitute communities and countries. Permaculture may be Australia’s most significant export for humanity facing a world of limits.

from David Holmgren’s latest book RetroSuburbia


▶︎Kyle at Permaculture Center Kamimomi in Okayama explains permaculture.


▶︎How this movie project begin?

We visited The Permaculture and Peice Dojo(hosted by Kai) at Isumi, Chiba. Kai told me that he wanted to make a film about Permaculture and looking for some one to shoot.

Nobu is a professional cinematographer mainly worked feature films and TV commercials in Tokyo for 20 years. He started thinking one day he want to shoot.

It’s been busy cultivating the land, building out hut and other structures and having a baby. And thanks for the hard work for the last two years he thinks the time has come.

▶︎What kind of movie it’d be?

“Permaculture” is the theme. We’ll visit ones who living sustainable life with or without permaculture  around Japan. Also go abroad to the US on the West Coast where Nobu visited on “Life Changing Permaculture Tour 2018”.

This funding is not just getting money but gathering company and friends to shoot the movie.

▶︎Video Distribution on each location.

Not just a movie, we’ll distribute tour video on each location. So you feel like with us having the tour. 

▶︎What we want to achieve 

Through this project and the complete movie, we want people to see the future with smile on everyones face. Permaculture is not everything but one of the possibilities we all can try. It pasts way over the tipping point and we need to step forward, each of us on the glove to resilient the earth.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 

▶︎Shooting Location

Permaculture Designer Shinji Yotsui

Asian Rural Institute 

Kin-chan Farm

Natural Farm Ureshipamoshiri


Scrap Eco Village Yuru-Yuru

Permaculture Design Lab

Permaculture Center Kamimomi

Permaculture and Piece Dojo

Permaculture Network Hiroshima

Pinemem Forest

◎Forest Garden Hamamatsu

Brown’s Field

Mizunami Organic Farm

Natural Farming Gattponpoko


Bullocks Permaculture Homestead

Planet Repair at Portland 


▶︎Use of fundings

All the fundings will be spent on this movie include the 10% crowdfunding fee.

If we get more than our goal here we can do better on the postproduction.

This is All-in, we’ll roll it without achieving our goal amount.

▶︎Shooting Schedule April 2021 ~ October 2021

◎Location in Japan: Nagasaki in Kyushu to Iwate in Tohoku region

◎Location in US : Bullocks on Oscar Island, Planet Repair in Portland

 COVID-19 situation might change the schedule and shooting abroad. 

◎Most postproduction will be start after shooting (unless we find an editor)

◎Release in Spring 2022.

◎Video distribution on each location will start shortly after our visit or while we stay there.

▶︎Return for funder 

This will be tricky since most of readers are no Japanese speaker and not in Japan. And there is only in Japanese for the real crowdfunding page. Here’s what I suggest if you’re still interested in funding us.

  1. Contact us
  2. Use of Paypal Pool 


Permaculture movement in Japan is slow but the world population is mushrooming along with consumption of fossil fuel and other resources. We can’t just wait to pop up magical new technology to stop this disaster. Time is running short and we have to face the reality. 

I met people who living sustainable life with permaculture and they’re real hero to me. And the best part is they’re so happy and that is spreading everyone around them. I wanna be a hero and if I can everyone can.


※We’re looking for the supporters too.

◎Good at SNS

◎Film editor

◎Suggestion for support

◎Film distributor 

Give us a massage to the address below↓


Worked in a film industry as a cinematographer since 2000. Joined working holiday program twice in Australia and Canada. Backpacking around the world. In 2017/18 Kei and I hiked a New Zealand long trail, Te Araroa(TA 3,000km) on honeymoon. Then tried the second thruhike on Pacific Crest Trail(PCT 4,000km) alone wearing only sandals with mostly handmade gears. After 7,000km on foot journey I met permaculture. I’m trying to be a hero to save the world and encouraging others.


Worked in a hospital as an occupational therapist for two years. Busy life wasn’t mine so I resign the job and went abroad. The choice was Denmark staying in an Ecovillage and Folkehojskole. Seeing various people with their lifestyles I realized that working in a company isn’t only life. After hiking TA, WWOOFing around New Zealand and seeing beautiful lifestyle living with nature. I wanted live like them. With our little boy Terra I want to play on earth and play with earth.


A boy born in January 2020. Terra means earth in Latin.


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