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Geodesic Dome #4 Bath


This bathtub was left outside for 30 years. I scrubbed the rust off and used a splay which coverts red rust to a black rust coating. And put it on a drum can.


This time I added glass wool as insulation then cover it with aluminum foil. The heated water slowly gives out its heat to keep the greenhouse warm during the night. It’s warm in the next morning when I reuse it for laundry.


The bathtub is stable just sit on the drum can. So the old framework wasn’t needed but something to cover the bath. Sliced the previous flames into thin boards, put them on the new flame which was made by the home made sawmill.


I wanted to improve combustion efficiency as well. Cut the drum square but leave the top part then hold it inward. Place bricks to close the gaps around the fire hole. More bricks for make a kiln in the drum. Cut an exhaust hole 30mm below the upper edge which is as high as it goes with enough rigidness. And it worked like I wanted to.


It’ll be a natural sauna in the summer then I don’t need to light up then.

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