Roof bed


The roof of Hapi Hut is the same as walls’ and floor’s, 30mm thick cypress boards. Which sit on beams no rafters.


This was the first time using screws on Hapi Hut. Vertical is the wall, horizontal is the beam on this pic. I cut 30×40mm with 16.7° angle to fill the gaps.


Onduline Classic sheets on top, no roofing paper used. I was told to get a good roofing paper. But I don’t trust thin asphalt paper so much. I’ll check the roof when I move the hut and think about using one.

Ondulin Classic Sheet


A saw is suggested to cut onduline classic, some do with metal cutting scissors. But asphalt make them dull after sometime. So I used a utility knife for this. I had to cut several times on one line but it worked pretty well.


Well, winter season was nice and warm in the hut but not the hot days in the last summer. The problem was the roof insulation wasn’t enough. This can be fixed by making another roof layer or move this hut under a deciduous tree when relocating it. Let’s see what I can do.


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