元々このブログはニュージランドを縦断するロングトレイル、Te Araroa(テアラロラ/TA3,000km)を歩く記録を残すために始めた。今はパーマカルチャーを学びつつ持続可能な生活を目指す自分達の生活ブログになっちゃったけどね。

Originally this blog was to record our journey hiking Te Araroa(TA 3,000km) in New Zealand. It’s been a while but I never talked about thruhike afterwards and I think it’d help some hikers a little or give them some hints to enjoy it more. さて自分は渓とTA、単独でPCT(Pacific Crest Trail 4,200km)を自作ギアを駆使して、ほぼ連続してサンダルで歩いたハイカー。それってかなり特殊な部類になると思う、続けてのスルーハイク、自作ギア、サンダル。スルーハイクの経験者はみんなそれぞれに違う冒険があり得たものも違う、自分もその中の一人だけど、ちょっとレアなスタンスでハイクしていたのも事実だからこのテーマを楽しんでもらえると嬉しい。

Kei and I hiked TA together then walked PCT(Pacific Crest Trail 4,200km) in US alone. I am a bit peculiar hiker, two continuous thruhikes, used self-made gears and walked with only sandals. Every thruhiker had special adventures and mine was the same. But the style was definitely rare so I hope you would enjoy this theme. Te Araroaとはマオリ語で”The Long Pathway / 長き道のりという意味、正にその通りTAは長くそして険しいハイクである。PCTATとともにアメリカで最初のナショナルトレイルで50年以上の歴史があり、現在は年間にトレイルの2/3以上がメンテナンスされているらしい。一方TA2011年の12月に完成して知名度も低く(トレイルの近くに住んでいても存在を知らない人も多数いた2017/18)、時々ブッシュハイクになる、日本の山に当てはめると藪漕ぎって言うのかな。

“The Long Pathway” the meaning of Te Araroa in Maori is truly suitable for its nature. If I compare to PCT, TA is much laugher in terms of a hiking trail. PCT has more than 50 years of history, the first national trail with AT in the US. And surprisingly they say the volunteers maintain 2/3 of whole trail each year. That’s nearly whole length of TA! And TA…there’s a few part which maintained well since it’s popular for hikers. Lots farm walking, bushes and spiky plants everywhere. TA was completed(incomplete to all of us who walked the trail) in December, 2011. So not much history and not many locals know about it too(2017/18).


I think most of thruhikes are a group of existent routes connected together and add some in between. Imagine there is a lough trail which only thruhikers walk and no one else come by. The trail would go back to its natural form. Also there’re lots of river crossings and trails next to river. Those route could drawn and disappear and that happened in many places on TA. Road walk is another one(we hitched many times) and farm walk with animals, climbing over a thousand of it fences. Crossing those fences are much more than hiking passes.


There’re over 950 mountain huts in New Zealand. And you’ll find many of them on TA. I think that’s necessary because of harsh climate. Hikers and hunters need them. BTW if you have PLB(Personal Location Beacon) and got some accident to you or your group then press the button and rescue will come. And its free of charge even you’re foreigner also the treatment too. NZ is turuely hikers paradise don’t you think?


It’s a wild trail with many road, farm routes. I met many PCT hikers on TA and almost all of them admire PCT. They told me its maintained so you could walk much more distance in a day, well established communities and many trail angels, magics. Sounded like a dream trail to me. Actually I wanted to hike PCT before I met Kei. So all those voices echoed inside me again and again…then I decided to hike it after TA.


Well I’ll talk about what to do and gears for long distance hikes next. Also there’s a guy who started TA this year. He’s hiking with film crew and shooting a documentary movie along the way! His name is Tomy. I’ll talk about it a little too. Go Wild!



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