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Self Build #4 Cut


The marking was almost over and I started the cutting. This was actually second time for me. The first time was when I made an earthoven in Tokyo. Though this time I have a way more woods to cut.

ホゾ穴は120/90/70mm の三種類、殆どを貫通させた、カクノミは扱いが簡単で効率がとても良い。

Square chisel worked great and easy to handle. There’re three types of holes, 30×120,90,70mm.


And three male parts 30×90,70mm and two step parts with 30×30/90mm


Knock the edge with a hammer so it goes in smoothly.


I thought I could finish this in two weeks and the first half was well. Then it started to happen that I needed more electricity than I had…well living off grid limit us sometimes.


One tool in particular uses much electricity, the ditch cutter. While charging the batteries I worked on these.


This is one of my original structure for the eaves on the south face. I did all the calculation but never sure until put them together. So I was happy this part looks working.



Two weeks and the structural materials were almost done. Ditching the walls and a roof then a floor need some time.

The next is a lime&clay dirt floor!

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