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Goemon Bath #3


The bath was moved. It’s much more convenient having shower place nearby.



Also one of the solutions for the drainage was connect it to the hole under the shower with bamboo pipe. Now I put a hose going to the garden and one more pipe to our self created biotope.

I wanna make a bath hut after building our tiny house. And create a bio-geofilter from the house and the bath which goes into the biotope. I’m psyched about it.


The part my dad cut off from the drum was reattached as a door. I felt it was burning too much without the door. That was like wasting much heat from the chimney. Needed to control the intake air amount. In the summer it only need a bucket of scrap wood and half hour to warm up. Not bad right?


Our living standard suddenly went up. The next project is to build a tiny hut. Can’t wait!


I put a partition so that our guest can enjoy. Well it’s not enough to cover the whole bath but this is good enough. It’s an outside bath!

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