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写真はTAを歩き始めた時の浄水システム / ウォーターパウチ→Sawyer Mini→ボトルorウォーターパウチ。 このフィルターは改造してあって出口側にペットボトルの蓋に穴を開けたものをエポキシで接着してある。この改造をすればパウチからパウチへの浄水がテントを準備してる間に木に吊るしたりした状態で完了する。

歩き始めて十日ほどで、一回り大きくて新しめなSawyer Squeezeをハイカーボックスから頂き、PCTの初期まで使った。

The photo shows our filtering system on TA / water pouch→Sawyer Mini→bottle or pouch. This filter was a little modified with a PET bottle lid attached on the extract side. This made it a hands free filtering system. Just hang it on a tree branch while setting up your tent.

We got a Sawyer Squeeze from a hikerbox after ten days on TA and used it until beginning of PCT.



We’re not totally off-grid here. Water is coming from the water pipe. The water smells of chlorine so we got filtered water from the supermarket for drinking till recently. Now we do use this filter. We used it on most of natural water on the hike. Some of them we didn’t want to but needed…

I’ll clean the well and create rainwater system with our future hut. I don’t have a solid plan for filtering rainwater but Sawyer would be the one to use.



By the way this filter is able to filter up to 450,000L of water(life time drink water). It can backwash with the included syringe to keep it clean.

There’re lot of people keep stockpile of food and water for disaster nowadays. But there is full of water most of place in Japan. So stop stockpiling PET bottled water but this kind of filter instead. I believe this way is much smarter don’t you think?

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