Scout and Frodo

At the beginning of my PCT 2018, I met Junki at Scout&Frodo. He came to our place last week.

ベースウェイト6kgでスタートした自分に対し、ジュンキは18kg!!! 撮影機材とPCまで積んだ超重量級。スルーハイクの荷物じゃないよね~

I started with base weight 6kg and he was 18kg!!! He had so much stuff mostly shooting gears and PC in his backpack. He was a ultra heavy hiker. No chance for surviving a thru-hike.


He got rid of his gears a little by little. And he did walk through the PCT!

It was February when he messaged me he wanted to visit our place.


It’s been over a month digging baby bamboos. It was the first time for them to try. We got more than enough for the lunch for the next day.

採るだけじゃなく下拵えも自分たちでやってもらう。これが後々始める ”くらしのね” (パーマカルチャー体験民泊) の形になるかな~

Not only digging but preparation was one of experiences you can try here. Our place will be called “Kurashi no ne”(Permaculture Airbnb). I want people to think about eco lifestyle with permaculture.



It’s pizza time!

It was also the first time for them preparing dough and making original pizza.

ジュンキとはPCTの序盤で何泊か共にした以来だったからスルーハイクやその後の話で盛り上がり楽しい1日になった。現在ジュンキは日本のULメーカーの山と道で働いている。今回は山と道のスリーを担いでやって来た、カッコいいバックパック!(でも俺は自分で作るからな~) そして今年はJMTを親父さんと一緒に釣りしながら歩くんだって!TAも歩きたいとか、まだまだ冒険は続くのね~

We camped together only a couple of nights on the PCT. So we had a lot to catch up. We really had a good time with Junki and Paypay today.

Junki works at Yama to Michi(Japanese UL Garage brand). He brought their backpack “Three” and it looked good! He’s planning to hike JMT with his dad this year! And he wants to hike TA too wow!!! Adventure continues~



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