Next day was started with the wall making.


I guess a bamboo blind is weaved like this. So I Tried it and was good enough.


At first I was putting bamboos against stardome then tying them up one by one. It was certainly not efficient. So I redo it then made bamboo blinds using ten bamboo rods for one wall.


A newt was in our pool. There wasn’t always water so I guess it came from the old well. A newt is a guardian of a well in Japan. I took it a sign that I should fix the well or make a biotope. That’s the next project!


Digging a hale but not a toilet this time. It’s a purify filter for grey water I suppose. I put crushed slates from the shed. The black ones are bamboo charcoals.


Bamboo joists hold the floor.



During the craft I got scrap bamboos which we’re too short or too thin. Put them in the chipper then spread on the ground. And made a square wall for the floor.

Well I’m satisfied with this work mostly because I used many scraps in it, slates, scrap bamboos, half baked charcoal. Love making scrap useful!



Ta-dah, its an outdoor shower! We didn’t plan like this and we love it. Need a kilt for covering the entrance. Not like you get the warm water right away but use firewood then put warm water in a shower bag.

Drainage was one of the concerns. I think it has enough purification function since we don’t use soap or shampoos. You know warm water is good enough for cleaning bodies. The grey water goes through microorganisms on slates then into under the garden.



Kei stopped using soap and shampoo. At first I thought wow. Then I tried it and that was surprisingly worked well! During the thruhikes I did bathing in rivers and lakes and it was refreshing. Compare to that warm water works much better. Then I realized that soap takes sebum away sometimes too much. And that makes skin trouble and need extra cares. It also makes your life simple because if you stop using soap you‘ll eliminate bottles of “cleaning” and “skin care”.

Well this is how I think. If you wanna try, reduce soaps gradually. Your body need time to control the sebum.

Project Stardome is over for now. Please come to taste our Star-Shower!



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