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Earthoven II #7 Pizza!


本日は大阪からトミーがやってくる。彼とはインスタで知り合ったのだか、きっかけは我らがテアラロアを歩いていた事。なんとトミーは今年の12月からテアラロア(TA 3,000km)を歩きドキュメンタリー映画を撮るのである!

Wow we made it just in time~

We were welcoming Tommy today. I’ve got to know him on Instagram because of our thruhike, Te Araroa (TA3,000km). He’s going to hike it on next season and he’ll bring a film crew to shoot a documentary!


Taka(director) and Miho(manager) came from Tokyo. Kei looks like a chef in front of a camera, doesn’t she?


I and Taka would’ve worked in Tokyo. We all make original pizza! That’s our way of party.


Time flies~ We sure had fun time. All the creative pizzas were good and the talk! I laughed so much that I got sore around my tummy hahaha.

トミーが写真を撮っているガイドブック ”LOVELY GREEN NEW ZEALAND” をサイン入りで頂きました。


Tommy gave us ”LOVELY GREEN NEW ZEALAND”, a guide book Tommy shot the photos in it.

We found out that Kei was looking up Tommy on FB while she was in New Zealand. Because she was following Daisuke Yoshumi who wrote this guide book. What a coincident!


Tommy, Taka and Miho, thanks for visiting us here. We’ll support you guys in any way we can so enjoy Te Araroa. And if there is any trouble on TA, I’ll fly and run to you guys~

トミーこと、Takuya Tomimatsuのブログはこちら

Tommy’s blog is here

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