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Earthoven II #1



It was the second week of March. We started making our Earthoven.

Well we have so many work to be done but maybe the earthoven was needed. We can welcome our guest well and inviting neighbours. And most of all we love pizza right from the oven!!!



We made one before at our previous share house in Tokyo. The company paid the bill and the residents made it with my lead. But this time I’d love to make one with materials from our land.

These are the first earthoven articles.


Around here is all clayey. Down till 25cm are nets of bamboo roots then all clayey after that. We dug right next to the pool and took some stuff out of the clay. Then put them together on the sheet.


A cicada was too early to come out. Sorry~


Geko was still sleepy. Go back to sleep~


Kei chopped straw a week before. Finally we could use them.


Adding a little bit of chopped straw into the kneaded clay and kneaded again. The straw binds clay well especially when they get dry. This is the base cob, I’ll add chaff, more straw and sand separately for each parts.


Squeezed air out and anaerobic fermentation…I’d like to wait for at least two weeks. But this time I scheduled a pizza party before even this so I gotta make it… Well until then good night.

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