Transition New Life New Tools 鉈/斧 #2 Science


If you have citrus acid and baking soda you don’t need any detergent. Also citrus acid works on rust!


Put some citrus acid into hot water then sink the metal stuff.



Oh! Immediately the bubbles started coming out from the steel! The trick is the citrus acid dissolve steel face that separate the ru


Black, black, silver! The silver one hasn’t been ground. I see step one was important. The black thing is magnetite I guess. This time I got to grind them off but next step I want them back on as coating.


It was so easy taking rust off with wire brush. It lost shine and slightly darker compared with before. The next step we make a shaft for the hatchet and modify the handle of the axe. Then the coating. There’re so many simple way to treat your stuff which we don’t know. Live and learn!


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