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Urban Permaculture Action #1

Block compost!

Our place in Tokyo is a share-house and I wanted to have a compost here.


The idea came from Kailash Ecovillage in Portland. Ours are much smaller but we can always rebuild it bigger by adding more blocks.

ポートランドで訪れたKailash Ecovillageにあったブロックコンポストは街中でも囲えば外から見えないし大きさも数も後から変えれるのが良し、様子を見て規模を拡大するので小規模だけどこれでスタート。

Sawdust is easy to get. It’s garbage for most of woodworkers but treasure for the earth. Just ask around you can get more than you wish for! I also put some nuka(rice bran) from a rice polisher nearby.


Observing this one for a month and I found it working ok. It’s winter so decomposing is slow. Hope we could make a little life cycle.


The garden we’ve cultivated for a few years is slowly expanding. I think we need flower to add here like Blocks!


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