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No-Till Rice Farming #1 (10/20)

Well I came back to Tsuyama, Okayama prefecture for the second anniversary of my grandma’s death. Before the trip I contacted Kyle Holzhurter at Permaculture Center Kamimomi(Pamimomi). That’s less than one hour reach from my parent’s place.


He moved in Pminmomi in spring 2017 to revive Japanese country hill and Tanada, rice terrace, with permaculture.


Participants took a tour around Pamimomi. Kyle explains microclimate in front of this stone wall. One of his idea is to build a greenhouse here and make a duct into the house in winter, a natural heater!


The first participants revived one layer of Tanada, we’ll start the next layer. And there is five layers in total below the house. There is more rice fields above covered with weed also Yuzu Orchard. This place is huge need more hands and take time to revive.


The first Pamimomi rice!


A potluck lunch with omusubi!


The independent research from the first students after lunch. Nachiko used Senryu(Japanese poem?) to look back a year of non-till rice farming. Then Takeshi Igarashi sensei(50noen) explained the key points of rice farming. But first of all do not follow method but observe. To be continued.


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