Permaculture #10 Urban Permaculture

We were back to Seattle to learn urban permaculture. Dave stayed at Bullocks for eight years. One of Kai’s teacher back then.


When Dave moved in this apartment he asked the owner if he could make garden on the south side of the building. He succeeded making a little of what he planed then moved to the next phase. Now it’s a beautiful garden with Yuzu trees(Japanese citrus) which doesn’t grow with climate here. He used micro-environment(heat accumulation on southside pave road).


Yuko, Dave’s partner, explained how she preserve seasonal food. Having extra freezer is must and I agreed with it. They have self-made compost with worms witch works very well. They use compost for the garden around apartment and their community garden too.


Danny Woo Community Garden is located on the edge of International District. Like this district the users are from many countries growing their home vegetation. Diversity could be the most in Seattle.

インターナショナルディストリクトにあるDanny Woo Community Gardenの歴史は古く、場所柄もあり国際色豊かな利用者が故郷の野菜を育てていて植物の多様性はシアトル1かも知れない。

The Beacon Food Forest started in 2009 as a result of a permaculture design course final project.

2009年に始まったThe Beacon Food Forestはパーマカルチャーデザインコースの卒業制作デザインを発端にしている。

This project is on going. The Phase One had a great success. We could see the sight they started constructed. It was used be just a lawn land. Now it’s a edible garden for anyone. What a wonderful project!


Thanks Dave! Again we couldn’t visit half of places he planed but we all enjoyed for sure.


A little Daibutu charging energy.



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