Planet Repair Institute was full of surprises. We stayed here for three nights.

ポートランドではエコな驚きが詰まったPlanet Repair Instituteに3泊しました。

This cute one on the back is for chickens, creative one!


Front yard became garden with rain tanks and a tower on the right is for cats.


On the backside has cob house, small hut, chicken house and modified garage with compost toilet where Mark’s family lives.


The gray water from kitchen is not wasted. Outside of the kitchen has natural purifier system.


Mark explained how he used straw-barrel to insulate the walls here. Also he reconstructed the house with all natural materials. It was illegal to use straws for buildings but he did it anyway then called the city office afterwards. Thanks for him it’s regal to install straw-barrels now. It’s high efficiency with low impact also cheap!


Mark wanted to show us a lot more around Portland but not enough time. I’ve never forget the last conversation with Mark. I’ll write about it later though. We surely had a great time in Portland, thanks Mark!



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