Where do you think this garden sits?


Kailash Ecovillage is sustainably focused community located in inner SE Portland, just six kilometers away from downtown.

Kailash Ecovillageはポートランドの北西地域、ダウンタウンからたった6kmのところにある。

The right side of the building was a parking lot covered with asphalt. In 2007 new owner and helpers depaved to make way of new gardens.


This is compost area piling up blocks is a nice idea. They have other compost space on the far side of property its for human waste in the middle of the housing area!


There is a massage on the fence saying “Feel free to snack fruits & berries you can reach from sidewalk.” Nice!


Having Dignity Village and Kailash Ecovillage, Portland is a cool city. Next is one of the origin of the movement “Street Painting!”.

Dignity VillageにKailash Ecovillageとポートランドは熱い!次はシティリペアの初期からの活動、Street Painting!

Street Painting Protect. This one is repainting the same design. Others change it once a year.


Boom bicycle is necessary.


Full of love in Portland. We all enjoyed street painting. We need this in Japan to create community with neighbors especially in Tokyo. I think it doesn’t have to be on streets but building or existence community space. Make it artistic and do fun thing together!



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