Yuriko is the one who called all of us here. Well not directly but through Kai. Kai was here as an intern for two years and became like a sun of Yuriko. So Yuriko told Kai that Kai should make a tour like this from Japan so he could come back here once a year. Oh yeah great idea, not just seeing Kai but creating bigger family!


This morning was the first time we all had chance to talk to her. It was fun hearing her life stories and I started wanting to know more. She attracts people instantly by just laughing. Isn’t it amazing?


Picking pears in the afternoon. One we harvest has eight different kinds of pears! Robbie(intern) said Sam(Samuel Bullock) was a magician for grafting.

午後は梨をメインに収穫、なんと収穫していた木には8種類もの梨がなるんだそう。一緒に作業していた研修生のRobbie曰くSam(Samuel Bullock)は接木のマジシャンなんだよって!然も種類で収穫時期が違うから長い間楽しめて尚嬉しい~

Yuriko cooked the mutton for eight hours! Made us huge dinner with lots of vegetables from her garden. What a feast~


Everyone was full but we all squeezed our stomach for the dessert. Yummy!!!


This is Yuriko!



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