We had a special lessen about life from Gabriel.


Gabriel explains about his way of approach for exchanging a life.


We all thank her giving us her life.


He’s been living in wild since his childhood. Learning from some native people. He has this kind of workshop to educate people about life.


Most of us tried this even though some of us is vegan and vegetarian.


Yuriko will cook the meat tomorrow but some of organs we eat.


Can you do this? To me honestly If you can’t take their lives by yourself, you’re not worth to eat them. Because this is how we survive for centuries and the cycle of lives. Well we’re so used to buying food not taking lives.

I was holding her head when Gabriel cut her throat, I felt her breathe from the cut, her blood ran through my hands it was warm, I saw her loosing consciousness, I felt her life leaving her body, I felt I was the one took her life and I thanked her from the bottom of my heart.




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