Ten Interns take turns in cooking, three times a day, four days a week and everything is vegan. Other time no duty but they cook their own meal. And while we were here they cook for us too, thanks guys!


Meeting in the morning starts 8:30 talk and decide the menu for the day. This morning was special because we were joining and work on field with interns.


Unexpected potatoes were found while preparing cover cropping. Nicole said it must’ve come from survivors of the crop from last year which glow these potatoes unnoticed, surprise!


When you hear the horn three times that’s the sign for a meal. Actually it’s a conch.


Food waste goes to chickens and compost. Cover the beds with compost for boost and recover the soil. Gray water goes down a hole full of wood chip next to fruit trees then the earth keeps water. Human wast down to a pit, and once it gets high, bury it and plant a fruit tree next to. Also you dig a hole and move the toilet you wanna glow fruit trees next. No waste here everything is in cycle including us.


Cutting plums, apples, pears preparing for dried-fruits.


Canning is the one of the way to preserve fruits and vegetables.


At Bullocks they don’t sell fruits or vegetables even though they have more than they could consume. But they sell plant nurseries. Kai explained that if you buy a fruit you’re a consumer but if you buy a nursery you become a producer. That is fascinating isn’t it.


Dinner time already? I had a chance for learning cover cropping today how and why also harvesting many kinds of plums, apples, pears. Fun working with soil, snacking fruits right out of trees, eating meals made of fresh vegetables here.



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