Kei told me about a tour learning permaculture. Actually she was the one wanted to go but since she was in New Zealand she suggested me to go. There were three seats left at that time. Well I was still on PCT and didn’t know when I finish. But while I was walking I started more interested in about the tour.


I contacted to Akane who organizes the tour. There was still one seat left lucky me!


Right before the tour a magic happened in Seattle! I ran into Emily&Marry from Te Araroa in New Zealand!!! They kept traveling around the world after TA and they flew to Alaska this evening. You know I just came back from there hahaha.

オフトレイルマジック!ツアーの為にアラスカからシアトルに戻った所にTAで一緒だったEmily&Marryに再会!? 彼らはTAの後から世界中を一年かけて旅をしていて実はPCTもセクションでハイクしたんだって!そして彼らは今夜入れ違いでアラスカへ~

All of us met up at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Some of them knew each other but most of us meeting for the first time. We had a quick introduction then drove to Airbnb for the night and cooked together. I don’t know about others who came to the states few days ago but I was excited cooking Japanese food and eating them.


So good to eat together especially Japanese food for me.


Kai explained the schedule for tomorrow. My first NVC, food coop then getting to Bullocks Permaculture Homestead where this “Life Changing Permaculture Tour” begins. Actually Kai said it was a pilgrimage and yes it was, later I understood that very well.

主催者の海くんが明日と明日以降の説明をしてくれた。渓が習っていて自分は初のNVCから始まり、Food Coopに寄ってからBullocks Permaculture Homesteadへ、そこから本格的にこの「人生が変わるパーマカルチャーツアー」が始まる。でも海くん曰くこれは巡礼の旅であると、この時は聞き流したけど後に自分が巡礼者である事に気付かされた。


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