Frost was all over the place. Yep it was cold during the night and this morning.


If I compare to TA & PCT, TA gets colder but we took 4.5 months on TA and 3.5months on PCT. The thing is I felt much colder in TA because TA is wet but PCT is dry. When ground is wet while camping, the heat you have will be sucked by ground. So temperature-wise not much difference but you feel different by them.


Autumn is definitely here. Maybe next week this color spread everywhere around.


If you go out in the wild in Alaska you should bring this, bear splay or sth for bears.


It was Justin’s birthday! Lucy prepared YAKINIKU(Japanese BBQ).



It was my last days staying Alaska. Thanks Jeremy for making time, planning the trip, driving. Thanks Lucy, Aya-san, Ken-san for feeding me with yummy Japanese food and taking me fishing. Thanks Justin, Jeremy, Lucy let me stay in your place. And thanks Juno for playing with me! I’m sure we’ll meet again in Alaska or Japan hopefully soon.


My next adventure is joining “Life Changing Permaculture Tour” by Sawyer Kai.



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