I was talking to Issha that I was going to Denali National Park. And she told me Dan&Emma(TA hiker 2017/18) were around there. I knew they’re in Alaska this summer but didn’t know about where. The cafe & restaurant they work was on the way so why not visit them!

数日前にIshaにDenali NPに行くって話したらTAで一緒だったDanとEmmaに会えるかもよ~て教えてくれた。夏の間はアラスカにいる事は知ってたけど何処かは分かって無かった。彼らはDenali NPの玄関口のカフェ&レストランで働いてるらしく通り道だから会いに行く事にした!

Jeremy & I had dinner at Creekside Cafe where Dan&Emma works. Unfortunately Dan wasn’t around but Emma was working. She was busy so no time to catch up. The next day on the way back we stoped here hoping to see Dan and He was in the kitchen. It was so nice to see them again. Emma&Dan and some other TA hikers are planning to hike the PCT next year. Have fun guys and come to Japan for hiking too!!!

Jeremyと一緒にCreekside Cafeで夕食、ここでEmma&Danが働いているのだ。残念な事にDanは不在、お客さんも多くて働いているEmmaと話す時間もほとんど無かったけど会えただけでも嬉しかった。予定変更になったのもあり翌日寄ってみるとキッチンにDanが居た~またしても忙しい中であんまり話せなかったけど二人とも会う事が出来て良かった。彼らと数人のTAハイカーは来年PCTを計画している、PCTも良いけど是非日本にハイキングに来て欲しいな~

This shuttle bus was coming and going every 5min. It was a long weekend and Denali NP was packed with tourists, hikers and campers. We were here for a overnight camping but unfortunately the permit we’re required was soldout. So we drive up public car opened are, 15 miles to see a part of Denali NP.


Huge moose couple!


Left Denali NP after seeing the most from the road. Denali showed up! By this point I regretted a little bit of my decision not taking the shuttle bus.


A little hike for this afternoon. It got cloudy again but cleared up at night. I was peeking out every one hour hoping to see northern light. Though it never came but stars were really bright like on the PCT. No aurora but the hike was nice as well as this site. I’ll come back in winter to see real Alaska!



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