Alaska #2 Intercostal Tendon (8/27-30)

On the second day in Anchorage I hurt one of my intercostal tendon. And day by day it was getting BAD!!! Two days later I was having trouble sleeping. It was so painful that I couldn’t sneeze. When you sneeze you quickly inhale then sneeze. But when I inhale, the sharp pain attacked me that stoped me sneezing. No sneezing, no deep breathes, no yarning and not much sleeping…

鮭釣りの日の朝に始まった胸の痛み、最初は肋骨折れたかな?と思ってたけど調べてみると同じ症状の人々がいた。これは肋間筋損傷ではないかと…痛みは日に日に酷くなり眠ることも困難になってしまった。然も嚔が出来ない!? クシャミが出そうになって息を吸い込むと激痛がきて、余りの痛さにクシャミが止まってしまうほど。寝れないし深い呼吸も出来ない、欠伸も辛い…なんじゃこりゃ~

I guess it caused by stretching, obviously I did stretch too much on my after-thruhiking-super-stiff body. I was in Alaska, wanted to hike, camp, fish and see around, I couldn’t do much but resting, hoping it goes away soon.


Jeremy took me to Independence Mine State Park, not hiking but walking which I was barely able to…sigh..

JeremyがIndependence Mine State Parkって歴史的な金鉱山町で崩れた施設や補修してビジターセンターにした建物が美しい山々に囲まれた場所に建っている。周りにはハイキングコースがあるものの自分は歩いて回るので手一杯…

Maybe the first time in my life I took ibuprofen for reduce pain so I could breathe and sleep. The forth day was the peak at that time ibuprofen didn’t work well. But then from fifth day it got much better, no more pills!


Alaska State Fair was just like movies, traveling carnival, many food carts, games, concerts, arts and farmer’s exhibitions. Many people were visiting even though it was middle of the weekday.

Alaska State Fairはアメリカ映画に出てくるお祭りそのまんま。移動遊園地に出店やゲームにコンサート、アートギャラリーにファーマーたちのお披露目会などなど、週末でもないのに多くの人で賑わっていた。

By this day I was feeling much better and ready for adventures. Jeremy has a plan for me from tomorrow, road trip, hiking and camping and hopefully watching aurora. I can’t wait!



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