PCT Day94 Side Trail (8/16, 2,450-2,487mile)

Washington is full of berries around this time. But if you’re on PCT you’ll be surprised how much more berries you could find on other trails.


I found Surprise Creek Trail on the map yesterday. It reaches to HWY2. All downhill and much shorter, from there hitch to Stevens Pass.

昨夜のキャンプ地の少し先からHWY2迄繋がってるSurprise Creek Trailを昨日地図上で見つけた。基本的に下りで距離も短い筈、ハイウェイに出たらStevensまでヒッチ!

The name of the trail was well suited, berries were everywhere. Since the store at Stevens’ opens 8am I had time to stop and pick berries, yum yum!


The PCT is beaten up, a hundred of hikers walking everyday at some point. No wonder big sized berries are hard to find.


First half was steep downhill and overgrown at some parts. But then trail got better and better. I liked this trail more than recent forestry ones.


Late half was well maintained with board walks and wooden stairs even better.


It was certainly a easy hitch. A local hiker, Carl, picked me up and told me the trail I took was much better than the PCT to the pass.


Unfortunately info I and also everyone had was wrong. Everything opens 10am…oh no. But then one of staff gave us a box of donuts, feeling sorry for us had to wait. Thanks!


Actually I was so much behind blogging and wanted to gather info about the fire closure coming up in two days. Luckily there was Wifi.


We thru-hikers usually not put our tent on vegetation. This tentsite was grass field but at the same time well established. Well this spot was the only one around here so I’ll sleep on the fluffy grasses tonight then.



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