PCT Day93 appreciation (8/15, 2,423-2,450mile)

Again, it was a smoky day. But then I think about it, it was pretty for some moments like after sunrise and before sundown. Sun is weak when it’s low and that soft light time last longer with smoke.


Also this hiking with smoke might not ever happen again for me. I should appreciate what I get.


Today was the day I was thinking like that almost all day. And food and food off course.


It was ended up kinda short day about 10hours of hiking. I wanted to walk farther so I could get to Stevens Pass tomorrow in the morning. But there was a great water sauce with clear icy cold water, love that.

今日は結果的にショートデイになっちゃった。10時間ほどしか歩かなかった。本当はもう少し進んで距離稼いで明日の朝にはStevens Passに着きたかったけど、テント場から近い美味しくて冷たーい水場を見つけちゃったんよね~

Also I found a shortcut which I could take only stopping here. So why not, it gave me more time to rest and I appreciate that too.



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